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Skagway Employment Listings

          Listed below are current employment opportunities available in Skagway, Alaska.  If you are an employer and would like to list job vacancies on our Website, you can submit your listing by  filling out the "Employer Online Job Order Form."  This is a free service of the Chamber of Commerce to its members.  To become a member download and submit a membership application from this Website.  For non-members there is a $150 fee for this service that includes a free one-year membership in the Chamber of Commerce.  Please do not contact the Skagway Chamber of Commerce for details on the job listings below, the employer contact information is provided for this purpose.  All listings will expire on their filing deadline date or no later than September 30, 2018 and will be removed.  New job orders may be submitted after October 1, 2018 for the subsequent 2019 season.

Position Title Cast Member
Job Description & Responsibilities The Cast Member is the backbone of this company's operation.  The company takes great care to train and maintain a professional and knowledgeable cast of characters to perform the daily site tasks and to execute the company's tour products to all guests who visit Alaska 360 LLC.  This position reports to multiple supervisors and managers throughout the day and is expected to carry out the vision and represent the values of the company to the guests and to his/her colleagues.  This team spirit allows for continuing growth and expansion of abilities as much is learned in a committed and supportive atmosphere of constant reflection and improvement.  Cast Members assume a persona from the Klondike Gold Rush period and work in period costumes.

Good interpersonal experience for daily interactions with individual guests and groups.  Experience in theatre, education, musical talent, juggling, storytelling, and others a plus.  Versatility - fulfill multiple rotating positions and transition quickly between the site segments.  Flexibility - work in an ever-changing environment which is prone to change.  Commitment to being a tour guide and making the guest's experience a top priority.  Ability to work as part of a team including up to 40 daily employees.

Working as a costumed guide on property and off property.  Working in retail areas of the site promoting tour segments and merchandise sales.  Dock representation including interaction with guests and cruise ship employees.  Working on a daily basis with multiple supervisors and managers according to the segment.  Executing recurring cleaning, entertaining and other daily tasks.  Representing the company and it's vision during work hours and off work hours.

Wage Rate/Salary Range $14.00/hour with a $1.00/hour retention bonus for finishing the entire season.
Referral Instructions Email resume.
Application Filing Deadline August 31, 2020
Contact Information Alaska 360 LLC
Brittany Masloski
Klondike Highway
Skagway, AK  99840
Phone:  (714) 793-7848
Email:  brittany@alaska3sixty.com
Web:  www.alaska3sixty.com
Position Title Customer Service Agent
Job Description & Responsibilities Alaska Seaplanes is hiring Customer Service Agents for the 2020 summer season.  Customer Service Agents are responsible to greet and assist all customers in a prompt, friendly and courteous manner, provide check-in assistance, ticketing changes, and re-booking of itineraries for customers.  They are also required to unload and load aircraft with passenger luggage, freight, and mail.  Customer Service Agents at the Skagway outstation location are also responsible for delivering freight, mail, and UPS throughout the day.
Wage Rate/Salary Range $15.00 per hour.
Referral Instructions Email resume.
Application Filing Deadline June 1, 2020
Contact Information Alaska Seaplanes
Aaron Thomas
Skagway Airport
Skagway, AK  99840

Phone:  (907) 983-2479
Email:  skagway_manager@flyalaskaseaplanes.com
Web:  www.flyalaskaseaplanes.com/positions-available/

Position Title Retail Sales Associate
Job Description & Responsibilities Responsibilities include assisting customers with merchandise purchases and product information in a fast paced gift shop environment.  Candidate must have a basic knowledge of computers and enjoy working and interacting with people.  Some pricing and restocking of merchandise as well as light cleaning is required.
Wage Rate/Salary Range $16.00 to $16.50 per hour.  DOE plus end of season bonus based on performance and fulfilling the agreed upon work season.
Referral Instructions Email resume.
Application Filing Deadline May 20, 2020
Contact Information Richter's
Carol Bourcy
P. O. Box 444
Skagway, AK  99840

Phone:  (907) 612-0042
Email:  baxterbourcy@hotmail.com

Position Title Stock Person
Job Description & Responsibilities Stocking merchandise from warehouse to store.  Must have driver's license.  Candidate should have good organizational skills.
Wage Rate/Salary Range $16.00 to $16.50 per hour with  end of season bonus based on performance.  Full time and part time available.
Referral Instructions Email resume.
Application Filing Deadline May 20, 2020
Contact Information Richter's
Carol Bourcy
P. O. Box 444
Skagway, AK  99840

Phone:  (907) 612-0042
Email:  baxterbourcy@hotmail.com


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