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Railroad Dock &
State Ferry Terminal

Small Boat Harbor

Ore Dock & Broadway Dock

Port of Skagway

          With its strategic location and deep-water, ice-free port, the Port of Skagway is an all-year transportation hub.  State of Alaska ferries almost daily bring vehicles headed north up the Klondike Highway to interior Alaska and northwest Canada.  In-bound petroleum products and general cargo pass through the port.  Out-bound ore concentrates and logging products arrive at the port ready for shipment all over the world.  Special shipments of heavy equipment and machinery pass through on their way to the northern mining industry.  Alaska Marine Lines provides weekly barge service from Seattle.

          Skagway's various docks are operated by the White Pass & Yukon Route, the State of Alaska and the Municipality of Skagway.  A general cargo-barge facility as well as a small boat harbor with individual assigned stalls for 103 boats up to 42 feet in length and transient docking facilities up to a maximum of 130 feet are available.


1) Bulk Terminal
2) Ore Dock
3) Broadway Dock
4) Ferry/Barge Terminal
5) Boat Harbor
6) WP & YR Dock

Technical Data
Location: 59°27'N, 135°18'W at the northern end of Lynn Canal, Taiya Inlet.
Approaches: Via Cross Sound, Lynn Canal, Taiya Inlet.
Pilotage: Compulsory; Pickup point at Point Retreat.
Principal Cargoes: Passengers, Bulk ore, General and barge container freight, Petroleum products, Wood products.
Docking Facilities: See Below
Cargo Staging Area: Fenced upland staging and storage area of 120,000 sq. ft. adjoining the ferry/barge terminal.  Suitable for container, log and general cargo use.
Cargo Handling Equipment: Conveyor, Mobile cranes, and Forklifts.
Warehousing: Bulk terminal - 108,000 sq ft warehouse, open bulk fuel facilities.  Contact: Mineral Services, TEL:  (907) 983-3588, FAX:  (907) 983-3589.
Stevedoring: Southeast Stevedoring, TEL:  (907) 983-2815, FAX:  (907) 983-2842
Water/Fuel: Water, diesel, gasoline available.
For Tariffs and
Other Information:
Harbor Master, P. O. Box 415, Skagway, AK  99840 TEL:  (907) 983-2628, FAX:   (907) 983-2151

Additional Port Information
Klondike Highway: Paved and open year-round since 1986, the highway provides tidewater access for the northern highway system to Interior Alaska and Northwest Canada.  From Skagway, the highway crosses the coastal mountains at White Pass and travels 114 miles to Whitehorse.  Overweight permits are available from the Alaska Department of Transportation.
Docking Facilities: White Pass Dock
1764 ft in length, depth - 35 ft @ 0 water, principally owned and operated by the White Pass & Yukon Route, Contact: WP&YR, TEL:  (907) 983-2214, FAX:  (907) 983-2842)

Ore Dock
Contains a 1250 ft dock, a 108,000 sq. ft. warehouse, a 64,000 GVW vehicle ramp, open storage areas and bulk fuel facilities.  Depth at dock is 42 ft.  The facility is used by ore carriers, cruise ships, and barges.  Contact: WP&YR, TEL:  (907) 983-2214, FAX:  (907) 983-2842

State of Alaska/ City Dock
Shared by ferry vessels of the Alaska Marine Highway and container barges, this floating dock provides pass-pass and ro-ro barge capabilities.  The dock and transfer bridge have 80 ton gross deck load capacity.  Contact: Harbor Master, P.O. Box 415, Skagway, AK 99840 TEL:  (907) 983-2628, FAX:  (907) 983-2151

Small Boat Harbor
Has 103 stalls for pleasure craft, fishing vessels and tugs, as well as a grid, haul-out and boat launch ramp. Fuel, water and boat storage are available. Pump-out station, power, and grid. Showers, nearby restaurants.  Contact: Harbor Master, P.O. Box 415, Skagway, AK 99840 TEL:  (907) 983-2628, FAX:  (907) 983-3087

Broadway Dock
Primarily a cruise ship docking facility.  Contact:  WP&YR, TEL:  (907) 983-2214, FAX:  (907) 983-2842

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